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Alice Ko is an experienced couturier that specialized in formal and bridal wear. Her signature line is, however, the Chinese Cheongsam or qi-pao. She has been the designated Cheongsam designer for the Miss Chinese Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver Beauty Pageants since 1991. Her designs are innovative and captivating. Alice has brought the otherwise modest Chinese Cheongsam into the mainstream limelight. She has made it more upbeat and versatile by experimenting with different style-lines, fabrications and applications. By applying mainstream techniques onto the traditional silhouettes, Alice achieved unique and stunning results that really turned heads.

Alice has also been on the committee that spearheaded the Chinese Canadian Fashion Designer Award, which has since turned mainstream. The Award discovered and helped lots of young designers in pursuing their careers. Alice also participates in the job-placement programme of the leading fashion colleges that give the students in-depth and hands-on training.

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