Alice Ko Original Designs

The Toronto Star - February 19, 1998

Alice Ko likes designing wedding dresses "because there's such a wide range of styles out there that brides are looking for."

And she does them all – traditional and full skirted, modern and sleek, simple or elaborate.

Her specialty, however, is cheongsams. A popular design this year is one with a long, organza coat – with kimono sleeves and brocade trim with a small train – to wear overtop.

"Chenogsams are very popular now," she says. "This year the fluid look is in, so putting one with a jacket combines the two ideas."

The chenogsams, normally red for brides, have the design of a phoenix and dragon on them "the symbol of unity of sexes," she says. While they're usually made of silk, she's experimenting with some in Lycra velvet in different colours for bridal and evening wear.

The chenogsam gives a very sexy look – "it cradles the body, gives a nice silhouette and is sexy with two high slits up the side," she says.

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